About the AFK Show

Forever Video Productions, LLC.,  currently produces the AFK Show.20130525_091215

It all started back in 2009. Forever Video Productions, LLC., was producing LIVE Internet broadcast of NCAA Division II and III College and University sports for two NCAA Conferences. In 2010, we knew we probably wouldn’t be broadcasting sports much long and the crew got together to talk about the next project. Pop Culture events like Comic Cons and Anime came to mind.  At that point we started contacting Comic Cons about providing coverage as press and media. It worked and in 2010, we covered our first Comic Convention.

Since then, we have covered several hundred conventions of all types. From Comic Con and anime to Gaming to Fantasy and Science Fiction to even a pinball convention. If it deals with any type of Pop Culture whether from Movies and TV show to Comics, Graphic Novels, and Books to Fan Clubs and Groups. we’ll cover it.


We like to do Celebrity Interviews and Q & A Panels as well as Cosplayer Interviews. Provide commentary and floor footage as well. Hopefully, we’ll start broadcasting LIVE from conventions to bring all the action to you as it’s happening.