AFK Show Home Page

Welcome to the NEW AFK Show Austin Home Page.

 The AFK Show travels all around the state of Texas providing Pop Culture and Fandom Convention coverage. We have been doing this since 2010 and we have covered hundreds of conventions. From Comic Book to Science Fiction to Anime to Gaming and everything in between! There haven’t been many in Texas we haven’t seen or covered.

We would like to thank the Conventions for allowing us to attend as a media group and providing the coverage. We’s like to thank our FANS! Without you, there would be no AFK Show to watch.

Our goal here is to have a one stop shop website where you, the FAN, can get all your up to date information about the AFK Show. Here are the links to our FACEBOOK page, TWITTER account, GOOGLE +, and YOUTUBE videos. All from here!

Check out Posts on the left side of the page and check all our other social media sites too! If you have Questions, Comments, or Suggestions, let us know!