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When you need video production work, come to the professionals! Whether it's for your "Special Day", your corporate event, music concert, dance recital/play, or anything in between. Recorded to Disc or digital media to On-Demand, Television, or LIVE streaming on the Internet, We can cover it all!Forever Video Productions, LLC., has been in Business since 2008 and while we're a small and fairly new company, All of our clients have been more than satisfied with their productions. Let us show you how great your next video production can be.
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Austin, Texas
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Here, Forever Video Productions records a celebrity interview for The AFK Show Austin. One of Forever Video Productions original productions.

One of Forever Video Productions pet projects is The AFK Show Austin. The AFK Show Austin is everything Nerd. We cover fandom conventions all across the state of Texas. In the past few years, we have covered nearly 100 of them in Texas alone.
Forever Video Productions is in the process of building a small television studio in order to film and broadcast (LIVE Stream) to the Internet a weekly show. Currently, we post all our shows video on Youtube. The AFK Show covers celebrity interviews and panels as well floor footage and other interesting footage from the conventions.

Also, catch The AFK Show on our Facebook page!

A peek behind the scenes. A look at the inside of the production trailer workings. The two large monitors on the wall allow for all the television switcher and all things related to producing a LIVE (Streaming) broadcast. One of the Laptops is for graphics and design on the fly and can also be used for incoming Skype calls, Power Point displays, and any Internet or other media we want to project on the broadcast. The other laptop serves as a monitor of the LIVE broadcast to the outside world. A third computer, (off screen) is used for business use and providing customer support during LIVE broadcast.

Speaking of LIVE (streaming) broadcast, we provide that service too. Our out outside production trailer is 28 foot of the latest high tech television equipment capable of switching eight HD television broadcast cameras to literally a Billion people on Youtube and other websites!
Whether it's your "Wedding Day" or your corporate annual sales meeting, we can provide coverage, along with graphics and overlays and pre-recorded footage right along side the LIVE coverage. Let us handle all your video needs to millions of your employees and customers.

Ask about everything we can do with a LIVE (streaming) broadcast. PPV (Pay-Per-View), Password protected broadcast, Monitization, On-Demand after the LIVE broadcast, and much more!

Please feel free to contact us about your next video project. We can work within your budget. We're always here to help.

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